What do we do?

What can we do to help people save electricity and live more sustainably?

That has been our main question since day 1. We love our planet and despite climate change being a real threat, we realized that way too many people still seem to have trouble switching to a more sustainable lifestyle.

One big threat to the environment is the emissions caused by our use of electricity. We are used to having electricity around us wherever and whenever without realizing the impacts this has on the environment. Too few people really understand electricity and too few people actually know how much they are consuming.


Smart Plug

Reduces and optimizes the electricity use automatically 

device by device

To make it easier to use less electricity, we re-designed the one device that everybody has at home - extension cords. We designed it in a way that it only gives as much electricity as really required while cutting electricity wherever it's not needed (eg. standby or charged devices). This allows you to reach not only more efficiency but also more flexibility, because as much as we love the planet, we love you as much.


The benefits



Life can be tiring and overwhelming. That’s why we designed our smart plug to make it as easy as possible for you to live sustainably by automatically detecting and cutting the electricity to devices that are not in use - like the TV that’s just sitting there, or the old stereo on the shelf. ;)

Smart Control

We all forget things sometimes, like leaving the coffee machine on when we leave the house. Since we care about your safety as much as we care about the environment though, we designed an app with which you always have control and overview of all your devices - anywhere and everywhere :)


Whatever you do, the smart plug is there for you and can protect your dear surroundings from malfunctioning devices. The plug can automatically detect when a device is behaving abnormally and automatically notifies you or cuts the electricity before it can do any damage. Simply because we care :)

Finnish Design

Have you ever wondered why extension cords always look so hideous? We feel like you deserve better, so we carefully designed our smart plug inspired by Finnish design and the beautiful wide forests that surround us. The top sheet is made with real wood but can be changed to your preferences :)

Who are we?

Friendship connects us - Sustainability drives us

Riot Innovations was founded based on the idea to combine beautiful design and smart technology to make sustainability accessible and desirable. The team is driven by shared passions, long-lasting friendship and the love for what surrounds us - the environment.

We love to meet people and hear what you have to say, so if you think we can work together or just want to chat don't hesitate to contact us :) 


Miska Karvinen

CEO & Founder

It has always been his passion to design and craft beautiful products. His desire to combine his passions, interests, and love for the environment led him to quit his job to start Riot Innovations - not to start a riot, but to have an impact and help those around him.


Lennart Schmitz

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Driven by his desire to learn new things, inspire and to grow as a person, he constantly sought the unknown. His passion and love for the planet we all share made him leave his home in Germany to join Miska on his quest to help others to live more sustainably.

Jani Kiiski


Powered by chips, bits, and bytes, he's constantly looking for new challenges and ways to grow as a person. It's the possibility to combine his passion for sustainability and IoT that led him to join Riot Innovations. 


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